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When Jade isn't sipping coffee or looking for the perfect GIF, she's creating content on beauty and fashion.

She hopes to establish a digital platform that inspires and informs women to embrace and nurture themselves to discover their internal beauty.

But, for now, she'll keep working on her pen game. Her work has appeared on HelloBeautiful.com, MadameNoire and more.
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I want to give this kid a scholarship.

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"I was on a plane watching a documentary about Diana Vreeland, who was the editor of Vogue for years, who is incredible […] They asked her ‘How do you get to be Diana Vreeland?’ and her response was ‘Well, darling, first you have to arrange to be born in Paris!’ And that worked for her, and that’s great, but if someone were to ask me, I’d say: First, you’d have to arrange to be born in the Bronx, to two brilliant, fantastic, Cuban immigrants who taught me grace under fire…sometimes quite literally, ‘cause it was the Bronx…who taught me that work was a blessing and not a chore, who taught me that you determine your self worth and that you tell people who you are…they don’t get to tell you." - Gina Torres

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"I used to be a preschool teacher, but I got fired."
“What happened?”
“Well, I decided that I wanted to have a socially conscious class. So we learned about apartheid in South Africa. Then we learned about homelessness. Then we made mother’s day cards for Trayvon Martin’s mom. And I think the principal decided that it was too much for three and four year olds, because she told me I wasn’t a ‘good fit.’ But honestly, I was just shining too bright for them. And now she’s going to see me on Humans of New York, and she’ll be sorry!”

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I don’t know who came to work at Amtrak the day they proposed free trips for writers, but whoever it was needs a raise. My favorite train to travel (not only saying that just because) announced a possible program that would give writers a free ride to start, finish or plan writing projects after writer Jessica Gross tweeted a quote from Alexander Chee’s interview in Pen America, “I wish Amtrak had residencies for writers.”

Amtrak still hasn’t finalized a majority of the major details (i.e., how much it’d cost them to give out these freebies) to put the program in place permanently, but that didn’t stop me from imagining what I’d be doing if Amtrak allotted me the luxury.  

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Selena Quintanilla (1971-1995).


Selena Quintanilla (1971-1995).

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Lena Horne, photographed as she sang by Philippe Halsmann in 1954. Ms. Horne was never a big fan of her own singing voice. In 1943, she told Newsweek magazine that she was still “learning to sing,” and she would later tell many interviewers how much she loved Aretha Franklin and wanted to sing like her. She told Ebony in 1968, “Now Aretha - she sings a song called “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman,” and I suppose all the years that I disciplined myself to keep in control and not show my feelings, the way I many times resented an audience or the way I sometimes had been angered by something that had happened, I couldn’t express that feeling. But she is so free and feminine and warm and you know that she has put no barrier in front of her. She isn’t pleading or begging to the audience. She isn’t even denying them. She is pouring out this freedom. If they want it - there it is and just the look of people’s faces when they listen to her shows that she is sending out such warmth, she is sending out everything I think is best in a black woman: pride, warmth, the knowledge that at this young time in her life she is free in herself. She has made no compromises to hide what she was or to change it, or to put it in a stylized frame. She is just herself. She makes me glad I’m a woman. She makes me feel warmer toward people. And it’s very hard in this business to be feminine.” 

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“If you’re too generous with people, you’re going to be in money trouble down the road. It’s good to be open-handed, but remember first to be generous with your own future.”